My Pole-ish Horseshoes the Next Great American Outdoor Game!

My Pole-ish Horseshoes® game sets are the only game sets that can be played on any indoor or outdoor surface. My Pole-ish Horseshoes game sets come with a propriety custom designed base which keeps the game action moving at a much faster pace.

Just think, no more ski poles, playing with a single pole stuck into the ground and no more having to re-set the pole over and over again. You can play My Pole-ish Horseshoes at the beach, in the backyard, tail-gating, on vacation, while camping, on campus, in the gym or on sporting fields. My Pole-ish Horseshoes provides players with the best quality, best designed game set as well as superior customer service.

Our game sets are made to last years, not a single season!

Only MPH game sets come with:

  • Two high quality lightweight non–chip 54”poles
  • Unique custom designed base for indoor / outdoor playing
  • Competition quality 9” Frisbee
  • Two high quality competition wiffle balls

Ten color combinations of game sets to choose from!

Assembly takes just minutes. So order your My Pole-ish Horseshoe game set and Get In The Game!


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Red game set
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